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Pre-order our Vital Force Self-Defense Intro Course. Fill out the contact info below and you will be contacted with further instructions. See video below.

Here you will find courses on personal safety and self-defense for to help you stay safe in any work environment. 

Do you feel safe at work or when you're out ?

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"Safety doesn't happen by accident. It is achieved by being consciously aware and practiced."

Michael Agbay / Creator of Personal Safety Academy

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Businesses & Organizations We Service

Dores Dental, East Longmeadow, MA

Doctor & Staff

Dr. John Giordano, Worcester, MA

Doctor & Staff


Harrington Memorial Hospital, Inc.

ER Nurses

Caldwell Banker, Sturbride, MA & Worcester , MA

Real Estate Agents

Bay Path Regional Vocational Technical High School

Charlton, MA - Teachers & Staff

Dudley-Charlton Regional School District

Teachers & Staff

Worcester House of Correction, West Boylston, MA

Correctional Officers

Various Police Officers

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