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Services We Offer

Your safety is our business!
Whether you're law enforcement, a security guard, nurse, EMT, doctor, or any other professional who works with the public on a day to day basis, our self defense courses can provide you with the keys to safety. We offer courses for large corporations, small business, and individuals. 

Free Consultation &

Security Audit


We offer a 1 hour consultation to go over how we can help you provide education and scenario simulation training for you and your employees. 

We'll also conduct a free facilities security audit. This allows you to see weak areas in your security, so you'll be able to correct before you have some kind of breach.

PSA Self-Defense Courses

Level 1-4


PSA Self-Defense builds on your personal strengths. PSASD is highly specialized self-protection program that teaches you to successfully defend against an assailant of any size. PSASD builds on the potential that you already have for self-protection. This critical skill will help you avoid violence in over 90 percent of all potentially harmful situations. This includes the ability to learn to make good choices and use effective reasoning under stress. PSASD provides self-protection training in a safe, supportive environment.The step-by-step process of developing skills and confidence builds from the successes you attain in every class. By the end of the course, you will have used your skills repeatedly to assess danger, set boundaries, and respond effectively to real and potential attacks. With the support of our certified instructors, you'll have many opportunities to practice using your skills, judgments, and emotions in simulaed attack scenarios. You Can Protect Yourself!

Corporate Diffusion &

Self-Defense Training


Once you've had your initial consultation, we will customize a scenario training course that is specifically for your industry needs. Course length is determined by the size of your company, hospital, school  or organization.

We recommend all training is done onsite at your facility. This way all personnel can associate the training to their working environment.


Level 1-4


Our PSASD-RC (self-defense redirect and control) course is specifically designed for nurses and doctors who work in the ER or mental healh hospitals. 

You will learn how to handle patients who try to use any means of violence. You will be trained  via job based scenario simulations on how to deal with common threats you deal with everyday.

Severe Threats &

Lone Gunman Training


This course will cover violence in the work place between co-workers, former employees, customers or any outside threats.

You will be trained on how to recognize the threat and respond accordingly. We will help you put together an emergency response plan.Through scenario simulation training you will be ready to repond and react. 

Lone Gunman training is the most dangerous threat. We will go through a full scenario simulation using the emergency response plan we put together for you.

PSA Tactical Defense Training

Level 1-3


PSA Tactical Defense Training for Law Enforcement, Correctional Officers & Security Guards.  There are 3 levels of in depth training within this program.

This course trains officers and agents how to use verbal deescalation skills, physical restraints, effective handcuffing techniques and gun retention. All training requires hands on training scenario simulations. 

Learn Rapid Response techniques that will be fast and effective for any situation.

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